Keenious - The new way of researching online

Be a part of creating a new type of search

Keenious is a new tool that reinvents the research discovery process by analyzing your documents in real-time, helping you find relevant research exactly when you need it. With Keenious, research discovery becomes an engaging experience, not a painful one. Think Grammarly for research.

We are looking for an Account Executive that has a passion for learning and education, and wants to help get an innovative and cutting edge solution into the hands of students and researchers all over the world.

We are building a dynamic, diverse, and engaging team that attracts talented people regardless of gender and background. To strengthen our focus on gender diversity, we particularly encourage female applicants.

Open Fully Remote Positions

Keenious - The new way of researching online

Students and researchers all of the world spend a large part of their day searching for academic articles online, which requires experience and knowledge of how to access and handle complex academic search engines.

Keenious is an online researching tool solving this problem by finding relevant research to what you are working on, automatically. It achieves this by analyzing your document’s text with advanced machine learning and then displays a list of highly relevant research articles right next to your document.

Fits to your workflow

It seamlessly integrates into your workflow by analyzing your text live adding a brand-new dimension to your writing process, as well as enabling new and intuitive ways of finding relevant information. Because Keenious can find connections that you were not aware of, it further aids you in generating novel thoughts and ideas on how to take your research forward.

Keenious has been designed from the start to be extremely easy to use for everyone no matter their academic level and is already successfully helping many students and researchers around the world.